Monday, March 7, 2011

USA – Coast to Coast Family and Friends

It’s been a while since our last post… we have not disappeared from the surface of the earth, but we were extremely busy with visiting family and friends and getting our shipment from Singapore in order. This update is going to be very short… just want to let you guys know what we’ve been up to.

With Claudia & Alan in Irvine
After a short 1 day stopover in Singapore, we arrived in Los Angeles airport on Feb 18th.
Claudia picked us up in her mini-cooper and we managed to tuck everything into it-a tight fit to say the least. Fortunately her husband Alan was also in Irvine during our overnight visit. We haven’t seen the two of them since they first bought their home so it was long overdue!

West Coast Family
Then we continued to Julane’s “west coast” family’s home just north of San Diego and Eric also managed to fly down from Seattle to join us. Some of their neighbors joined us and we enjoyed a home cooked Sri Lankan dinner created by Sudhu especially for our arrival.
A busy kitchen with Kay, Janet & Sudhu
It was lovely soul food. Spent a delightful five days there and managed to get over our jet lag before heading to Pinellas Park, Florida to spend 10 days with the “east coast” family.

Leaving San Diego
We just love moving boxes
The time in Florida included organizing all our household belongings (from Singapore) into a consolidated storage package…a task that was made extremely complicated by an inept moving company.

Mary enjoys that we have
at least one night for a family event
This meant altering our plans considerably to do most of the work ourselves afterward, which gobbled up 4 precious days. These missing days erased our plans to spend time in Miami and also see friends in the Clearwater area.

Family dinner

Quick Miami Beach stop with Stacey,
way too short!
Time was just too short. In the end, we rushed to Miami for a brief overnight at Stacey’s home on South Beach just to rush the next morning in the wee hours to the Ft Lauderdale airport.

Our next destination: Guatemala :-)
     … We are soooo ready for a vacation!