About Us

We are two intrepid travelers. The world is our home and we enjoy searching every nook and cranny of it.

Our passion is diving. skiing and snowboarding which has taken us to some special places. We tend to prefer remote, hard to get to places that require a bit of effort and challenge. We try to avoid the big tourist hangouts, travel simply with our gear in backpacks, using local transport. The best way to get to know a country is to travel with the locals... which means avoiding planes and first class in buses and trains. After all, half the fun is getting there and meeting the locals!

About Julane:
Julane was born in Alaska and  began her first trip in August 1987 on her own. She bought an around the world air ticket and intended to photograph her way around the globe while visiting as many museums as she could along the way. This first trip ended up lasting 2.5 years, and she found her back on US soil just in time to get shaken up in San Francisco in the Oct 1989 quake!

After a year working again in NYC, she embarked with a friend on another trip in Feb 1991 to Africa and then again to South Asia. She finally returned to the western world (Florence, Italy) in autumn 1994. Afterward, she wandered up to Zermatt, Switzerland and spent 5 winter seasons working and snowboarding in paradise! Julane and Patrick met there in Dec 1995, and then began their travels together.

About Patrick:
Patrick was born in central Switzerland. He caught the travel bug in Canada. He went over in 1989 to learn English in Toronto and proceeded to explore the rest of the country while testing his new found language. After returning to Switzerland, his work brought him to many European countries. But in 1997, he began his love affair with Asia, frequently traveling to Japan, and finally ended up being posted in Yokohama. Julane joined him in summer 2000 and continued to jointly explore the beauty of other Asian countries. Some new lands and some familiar lands were re-explored. After a few years of living and working in the Arizona dessert we moved back to Asia.

Saying goodbye to Singapore
We’ve have been living in Singapore since late 2005 and will embark on a new journey saying farewell to beloved Singapore and venturing to some new lands in 2011.

We hope you enjoy this blog and take part in our journey...
Julane and Patrick (The Travelers)

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