Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Bolivia – Sucre, time to relax

We desperately need a recharge.
We arrived in Sucre with a single goal: Recover from numerous weeks of freezing cold combined with one week of night bus torture. In other words, we just needed to relax.

Beautiful Sucre
It's time to recharge...
and that's what we did.

Sucre gave us exactly what we needed to charge our depleted batteries.
Mild temperatures in the daytime, and nights that are not too cold.
The tourist street "Nicolas Ortiz"
The streets are lined with beautiful whitewashed buildings, ideal for an afternoon stroll.
Our guesthouse is a nice place to relax and equipped with a big kitchen that we use every night to satisfy our sudden craving for Swiss/German food. The incentive being that we found a well stocked supermarket that even sells German cold cuts and meat, and Swiss cheese (all made in Bolivia).

Julane cooking up some
German style Spätzle

Swiss cheese and German meat
delicacies... Patrick is in food heaven

So basically all we did in Sucre is explore the city, read books, update our Blog and Facebook, cook, eat, and sleep. This is what happens when one is on the road for almost 7 months and NOT a tourist. So there isn't really much more to write other than we did manage to recharge our batteries and perhaps add a half pound insulation protection around our waist (which we will soon need!).

But we did work too...
Blog updates in the garden patio.

Oh, and of course, we'd like to mention that we met up with Kate again, who was part of our Pampas tour... She's been through some tough traveling too since we parted 15 days ago. A woman traveling alone in remote parts of Bolivia is not that easy.
Truly Happy Hour: Reunion with Kate
We always have each other to rely on and now realize that it also prevents us from being prey to undesirable types. There are many scams here and Kate told us about her experience where a friendly local lady befriends her and then a fake (un-uniformed) policeman requests to see their ID/passport and then asks them to come to the police station with him. She luckily didn't fall for this, as once the tourist gets into the "chosen" taxi with "them"; the three involved in the scam then rob the victim.
Traveling in Bolivia is certainly not walk in the park, but Sucre is known as one of the safest places and a true sanctuary that is easily the most aesthetically beautiful city we've seen in Bolivia.

Our next stop will be Potosí, the highest (and coldest?) city in the world.

PS: This Blog update is dedicated to our friend Claire, she'll know why.

Here some pictures of the Sucre market.

Fresh Fruit anyone?
Or gelatin pudding cups?
We love the fruit salads at the

Although this lady is not too
pleased that Julane is sitting
on her competitor's stool.

The egg ladies are as interested in
looking at us, as we are interested
in taking their photos.
"Make sure we don't put all our eggs
in one basket."

Sucre street scenes 

White-washed buildings...
manicured trees...

beautiful wrought iron balconies...
grandiose colonial architecture:
This is Sucre.

Standing guard
Selling or staying warm?

Old fashioned knife sharpener

Japan or Bolivia?
Donated old buses (with Japanese script
still intact) are rambling around
the cities in Bolivia.