Tuesday, May 16, 2006

Japan - Tokyo Visit

Oishi Sashimi
Just got back from a trip to Tokyo.
Went over on short notice for the farewell party of a good friend, who suddenly had his job contract terminated early when Vodafone sold their unit to Softbank.

It was a rip roaring party with about 30 people. Thankfully, his apartment was not Japanese standard in size. What a shame for him to leave though. But he'll be moving to some new and exotic place in the near future, another great place to explore. So life continues.After all, one should never wear cement shoes.

Fortunately, we were also able to meet some of our friends from our days of living in Yokohama. We had a mini reunion with Patrick's previous co-workers. It was nice to catch up and see everyone again. But two weeks flew by so fast.

We definitely go a kick out of the latest fashion trend: "French Maid". When we were living in Japan in 2000 there were a few "Maids" in Omotesandō, now they are everywhere... so kawaii

Some more pictures of our trip are below

Champagne for diner?
Ramen, one of our favorite Japanese foods

The latest Fashion "French Maid" look 
Buy or rent?  It's up to you

Peace be with you, my fellow Maids
Oops... lost my pussycat tail!

Only in Japan: Public beer vending machine