Saturday, May 30, 2009

China - Shanghai

While Patrick was in Shanghai for his Masters studying, I joined him exploring on my own and dove into Shanghai like a fish in water. I even extended my time in China beyond his trip and explored the greater Shanghai region including Hangzhou with a friend from Singapore who flew up for 2 weeks. She speaks Chinese which made this trip almost too easy but it also allowed me to try many more food goodies since she was familiar with the dishes and loves to eat as much as I do. That’s always a problem to try new dishes when you don’t know how to read Chinese. And sometimes pointing to someone else’s dish can deliver a big surprise. (I discovered that I had eaten dog by doing this once!)

Morgan Shan's Bamboo Forrest

I like Shanghai and could imagine living there. China has changed dramatically since my first visit to
communist China in 1985. I’m happy to have been able to progressively visit China every decade and witness firsthand its “opening up” process and progress. Rome wasn’t built in a day and China can’t jump from collective Mao Tse Tung blue uniforms into western suits in the blink of an eye either. But they are well on the way…