Tuesday, August 25, 2009

A Fish Story

We are about to embark on another dive trip. Again to Bali but a few new places this time. We wanted to upload some photos of very tiny “macro” critters from a previous trip to Manado in Sualwesi. This time we are hoping to encounter some really big fish such as Mola Mola (Oceanic sunfish)and Manta Rays and perhaps some Whale Sharks.
....wishful thinking, i know!.

Anyway we are looking forward to any other curious beast that cares to present itself.

We leave in a few hours actually…I should be sleeping but instead am busy on the computer. Two of our friends are joining us for various weekends in two locations in Bali. Then I will fly over to Flores and explore that area working my way back slowly to Bali and taking a second look for the elusive Mola Mola.

But first some pictures from our trip to Manado

Two Pygmy Seahorses
Looks like a dead leaf, but it isn't!
Ornate Ghost Pipefish
Hairy Squat Crab
Orangutan Crab
Fish guarding a Barrel Sponge
Mandarin Fish

Juvenile Pufferfish
Juvenile Painted Frogfish
Squat Lobster

Small Shrimp
Anemone with partially transparent Shrimp
Whip coral goby